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Train Like a Beast (Online) Platinum Package

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Are You a Lady Beast?? Are you ready to Challenge yourself to create new habits that ultimately transition you into a new you? This program is online is just the Platinum package for the software and a workout program. You get assistance on how to use the software and what exercises you need to get fit. You will also get credit towards food to assist you with your diet needs. (Food will come from Whole Foods) Credit towards Lady Beast fitness equipment online!! You will get a 2 piece clothing set from Lady Beast or Unleashdabeast which is one top and bottom set. Lastly, you will get one-on-one time with your trainer via video. Any questions you have you can talk to them face-to-face!mThe rest is up to you!! 

  • $700 per month
  • Access to Fitness GPS Software 
  • Integrated Program
  • Diet Assistance (credit $75 per week)
  • $50 credit towards Lady Beast workout equipment per month
  • 2 Lady Beast (women) or Unleashdabeast (men) 2 piece clothing set per month
  • 1 live video session per week

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