Meet the Lady Beast Owner

 My name is Tracee Brooks, and I am the owner and operator of Lady Beast Fitness LLC. I am a #fitmom who has certifications in Yoga and Meditation.

Lady Beast Fitness is for women aged 24-44 that are working women to stay at home moms. Lady Beast Fitness is about providing fitness clothes, wellness products, and services all in one place. From choosing the fitness clothes you wear, to the equipment, to the workout, and the recovery. We are the online one stop shop for women's fitness and we hope to become a local and global well-known women's fitness brand.

I started Lady Beast in 2018, while playing Rugby for over 10 years in Texas. I came upon the idea of the company because I felt like on the field all ladies that play rugby are beasts! Going into my daily life I realized that regular women are beasts too. From working single women to single moms we do it all! We don't have to be athletic in order to be called a Lady Beast. It's your feminine energy and strength that make you one! 

Lady Beast is about channeling your feminine energy into creating a healthy lifestyle for you. It's hard to find equipment, clothes, and things that will relax you after a good work out all in one place. We have the tools to create the lifestyle you want!

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